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Question: How do you decide on their names?

Generally, we choose something that corresponds to what the Morphoid reminds us of.  For example, Scarabaeidae reminds us of the larvae form of a beetle.  The species names we give them are only working names, until we can properly classify the animals.

News: IMR’s Gynoecium Specimen First Morphoid to be Given a Proper Name!


Gynoecium is the first Morphoid to be given a proper name.


The Institute of Morphoid Research is getting a little closer to their subjects of choice, the Morphoids.  The Institute, or IMR, as it is known, officially gave one of it’s Morphoids an individual name yesterday.

The Morphoid in question was formerly known by the name the IMR had given to it’s particular species, Gynoecium. The Institute held a contest earlier this week to find a name for the individual Gynoecium Morphoid that is in their possession.

The Morphoid will now be called “Tarth”, courtesy of the contest’s winner, Cayla M.

“The naming contest may have been initially a bit of a publicity stunt,” says the winner, “but I was quite pleased to see there was a decent prize in exchange for the IMR’s use of the name.  Cayla will recieve, not only a mention of her win, and new connection to the Morphoid, Gynoecium, on the IMR’s website, but also a signed picture of the Morphoid from the IMR.

It is unclear whether the photograph will be signed by the Institute’s main face, Jennifer Akkermans, the Founder and Chief Researcher.  Akkermans was not available for comment when we inquired.