Foraminifera sleeping…

Foraminifera enjoys sleeping and lazing around in the sunshine.


Foraminifera is a shy creature, and doesn’t like to move much when we are around.

Morphopodia: The Film

The Institute of Morphoid Research has finished it’s short documentary!

The film, called Morphopodia: A Strange New World in Our Own Back Yard, follows the Institute and the creatures it studies in an attempt to remove some of the mystery around the Morphoids. At just over 18 minutes, Morphopodia is composed of informational clips on most of the Morphoids, interviews with Founder and Chief Researcher, Jennifer Akkermans, eye witness accounts, specials on supporting evidence such as bones, and an interview with Robin Roberts of Calgary News Nightly.

We will be posting short clips from the film soon. Stay tuned!

Morphoid Egg Fragments Discovered!

We’ve discovered some egg shell fragments in the forest!  They are about the size of a chicken’s egg, but the colouring is not that of a chicken. (What would a chicken be doing out there, anyway?)  The fragments are a teal colour, with silver spots, which is unlike the eggs of any animal we can think of, so they must be Morphoid.

Diagram: Pteropod

We’ve started giving names to the specific anatomy of the Morphoids, to enable ourselves to study and discuss specific aspects of the Morphoids in more detail.  This is the first of a series of diagrams we are using to organize and clarify the information.

Those scary, scary Bacteriophages!

Oh. My. God.  Maybe the Bacteriophages suck your blood!  Like really, really, really large mosquitoes.  I did feel rather lightheaded after they attacked me!  Maybe they are carnivorous! They do hunt in packs… but there were only the fourteen we have that attacked me…. so maybe I was really lucky there weren’t more!  Maybe they would have managed to kill me! …And then eat me?  Yikes!

What else do the Bacterios eat? Why do they have such sharp teeth?

The bugs seem to be not the only source of food for the bacterios.  Why do they have such sharp teeth?  They can’t be just for chewing mosquitos or attacking predators… there must be something we are missing here.

On Closer Inspection…. Bacteriophages have teeth!

After sedating one of the bacterios, I managed to do a more thorough inspection of it’s body.  They have three limbs, and a bulbous head, and on the underside of the head, between their limbs, they have a small orifice, which must be a mouth, because it is surrounded by small, sharp teeth.

Bacterio Bites!

I didn’t want to report this earlier, because I was a little embarrassed about it, but the Bacterios bit me!  Their bites are worse than mosquitos…. large, swollen, incredibly itchy welts on my arms and face, which were probably the only place they could reach!  When I went to see the doctor, we were worried that they might be poisonous, because I felt really lightheaded, but thankfully they’re not. I’m ok, now. Scary, though.  I’ll be much more careful with them in the future.

Blasted Bacteriophages!

Those bacterios are vicious little buggers!  Excuse my language, but they are not at all pleasant to deal with!  I’ve been trying to study them a little more lately, and sometimes it’s really hard to get close to them!  There are way too many of them (even at only 14), and they move way too quickly! It seems to be a very effective defence mechanism, as I can’t get close to them if they don’t want me to.  This is a photo taken when they were all riled up.