Official IMR Pamphlet

I don’t know why this hasn’t been posted yet, but this is the official Institute of Morphoid Research Brochure. Inside will follow soon.

IMR Pamphlet – Inside

As promised, the other side of the official pamphlet.

Sepal Sighting #3

There’s been evidence of another Sepal sighting…. as seen here.  This is another clip that has been sent in to us.  Maybe the creatures are more common than we think.

Cephalopodia: Locomotion

This footage of Cephalopodia in it’s natural habitat.  It is actually very adept at moving through bushes quite easily.

In Retrospect: Calgary News Nightly News Clip!

We realize this is really far after the fact, but we’ve only recently found it on the internet.

In this clip, Jennifer is talking with news anchor, Robin Roberts, about the giant pods.


Another Instance of Cephalopodia’s Camouflage

Here’s another instance of Cephalopodia’s camouflage.  In this one, it’s much easier to see the creature, but you can see that the camouflage is still pretty effective.

Morphopodia: The Trailer

This is a short trailer for the Institute of Morphoid Research’s brand new documentary!

The film, Morphopodia: A Strange New World in Our Own Back Yard, follows Akkermans and the Institute of Morphoid Research as they study the Morphoids in detail.  Included are short segments on each of the Morphoids, including interviews with Akkermans herself, footage acquired by hidden cameras, action shots, and eye witness accounts.   The film offers a comprehensive overview of the IMR and the creatures it studies.

Diagram: Scarabaeidae Version 2

Or maybe it’s more like something like this one….

Diagram: Scarabaeidae

This is a diagram of Scarabaeidae’s external anatomy.

Bovinae Footage

This is footage someone sent to us this week…. He said was really excited because he caught this thing on camera, and it was like nothing he’d ever seen before.  We’ve seen it before though- it’s Bovinae!  It must not have seen the videographer, though, because it didn’t freeze.  The few times we’ve seen Bovinae, he’s been almost completely still.