Meet the Morphoids: Pteropod


Meet Pteropod.  Pteropod is a very friendly creature.  Despite her prickly texture (which all the Morphoids share) she is quite a cuddly creature.  Her long limbs are quite flexible and seem to caress whatever she is grasping.

We think Pteropod is a female, though we have no concrete evidence for this.  We think she may be a female through her behaviour and  interactions, although this may only be an indicator of personality.  Pteropod seems to show a nurturing tendency towards us and the other creatures in her vicinity.

Question: What is a Morphoid?

Morphoids are unusual creatures, classified by the following distinct characteristics:

  • They are ambiguous creatures, often seem to imitate other animals
  • They usually have a very vibrant colouring.
  • They all have an unusual peeling skin texture
  • There are no obvious facial features or genitalia
  • Their main defence mechanism is to freeze when they feel they are being watched.

Meet the Morphoids: Sepal


Sepal is the first Morphoid I discovered.  Despite his effective camouflage, I had noticed him scurry under a bush during one of my daily walks through Fish Creek Park here in Calgary.  I wasn’t sure what it was at first…. I had never seen anything like it.

It seemed to resemble a botanical form I’ve studied- the part connects the stem of a plant to it’s flower, the sepal, and so I was calling this Morphoid Sepal, before I had even an inkling of what a Morphoid was.

About the Institute of Morphoid Research: Our Mandate


Institute of Morphoid Research

Our official mandate is as follows:

The Institute of Morphoid Research is dedicated to the study and preservation of organisms falling within a new phylum, Morphopodia.

The Institute aims to document all aspects of the Morphoids, through the many available avenues of study and research, including observation, photography, drawing, anatomical study and eventually, dissection.

The Institute of Morphoid Research fully intends to share all relevant findings with the public, through it’s website and publications.

News: Institute of Morphoid Research Launches New Website!

Institute of Morphoid Research

The Institute of Morphoid Research is launching it’s website!

The website will be used as the Institute’s primary method of dissemination for information regarding the Morphoids and the research that is happening around the Morphoids.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

There is not much content now, but in the next few weeks, we aim to get much more content online.

Diagram: Nudibranchia

We’ve completed a speculative diagram on Nudibranchia, which, as you will remember is a very mysterious creature.  All information in this diagram is based on our best guess.