Gynoecium’s Skin

This is a photo of Gynoecium’s skin.  You can see the new layers peaking through underneath of the older ones.

Radiolaria Skin #3!

This is the last photograph of Radiolaria skin.  We cannot understand why these are all different, yet, in a creature such as the bacteriophages, all specimens are the same color.

Radiolaria Skin Specimen #2

Here’s the second photograph of Radiolaria skin.  Last one yet to come.

Radiolaria Skin Specimen #1

This a close up of the skin of one of the radiolaria specimen we’ve collected. The three specimen all have different skin colors.  We are baffled as to why this is.  Any ideas?

We’ll post another Radiolaria skin sample soon.

Scarabaeidae’s Skin


One of the defining features of the Morphoids is their distinct peeling texture of their skin.  This is a close up of Scarabaeidae’s skin.  We are currently conducting more research on the peculiarities of Morphoid skin.