Scarabaeidae Photo

This is a photo one of our readers sent in of something they had seen this summer.  It’s a probably a Scarabaeidae.

Sepal Sighting #3

There’s been evidence of another Sepal sighting…. as seen here.  This is another clip that has been sent in to us.  Maybe the creatures are more common than we think.

In Retrospect: Calgary News Nightly News Clip!

We realize this is really far after the fact, but we’ve only recently found it on the internet.

In this clip, Jennifer is talking with news anchor, Robin Roberts, about the giant pods.


Bovinae Footage

This is footage someone sent to us this week…. He said was really excited because he caught this thing on camera, and it was like nothing he’d ever seen before.  We’ve seen it before though- it’s Bovinae!  It must not have seen the videographer, though, because it didn’t freeze.  The few times we’ve seen Bovinae, he’s been almost completely still.

Nest-less eggs….

We think that the Morphoids that lay eggs don’t make nests, as every egg or group of eggs we’ve discovered has been sitting directly on the ground.  There is also never any Morphoids around, so we do not know which Morphoids are the ones laying the eggs.  Maybe, if we watch to see what hatches out of these eggs (if they’re not already dead), we’ll learn more about which Morphoid these belong to.

Foraminifera Sighting! Eye Witness Account

Foraminifera Sighting Eye Witness from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.

We think Elisabeth Cartwright has seen a Foraminifera! She was not sure what she had seen, but by her description, we think it was a Foraminifera.  Watch the video to learn more.

Another Sepal Sighting!


There has been another sighting of a Sepal specimen!  This one looks really similar in size and shape to the one we have in our laboratory.  This time, we just took some photographs and watched, until we lost sight of it in the grass.