Morphoid Bones? Part Two

So I didn’t want to say anything before I was sure, but the bones I found the other day are actually comprised of silver!  I took them to a specialist friend of mine to see what she thought, and after doing a few tests, she said they are indeed silver.  Such a strange form for silver to be in…. I wonder if these could be bones of something (Morphoid, I hope!) or if someone is pulling a prank.  Time to do some more tests.

Discovery: Morphoid Bones?


We believe we may have discovered some Morphoid bones!  If you can see them in the photo, you will notice that they are a little hard to see because they blend in among the decaying wood where we found them.  They are unusual objects, surprisingly heavy, and unlike any bones I’ve ever seen before.  I will post more information when I’ve had a chance to study them in more detail.