Meet the Morphoids: Scarabaeidae


Meet Scarabaeidae, who we don’t know too much about.  This Morphoid is really not a very social creature.  He likes to keep to himself, and his main defense mechanism is to stand perfectly still when he feels something is looking at him.

Scarabaeidae Photo

This is a photo one of our readers sent in of something they had seen this summer.  It’s a probably a Scarabaeidae.

Diagram: Scarabaeidae Version 2

Or maybe it’s more like something like this one….

Diagram: Scarabaeidae

This is a diagram of Scarabaeidae’s external anatomy.

Scarabaeidae’s Skin


One of the defining features of the Morphoids is their distinct peeling texture of their skin.  This is a close up of Scarabaeidae’s skin.  We are currently conducting more research on the peculiarities of Morphoid skin.

Question: How do you decide on their names?

Generally, we choose something that corresponds to what the Morphoid reminds us of.  For example, Scarabaeidae reminds us of the larvae form of a beetle.  The species names we give them are only working names, until we can properly classify the animals.

Exhibit: Sepal, Scarabaeidae and Pteropod at the Alberta Craft Council


Coming Up Next....

The IMR will be at the Alberta Craft Council’s Discovery Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta!  If you’re in the area, go take a look!  No Morphoids have been discovered this far north, and this is the farthest these particular Morphoids have traveled, making them a rarity in that part of the world.

Sepal, Pteropod and Scarabaeidae are the three Morphoids in the exhibit.  The display will be up and open to the public from May 28th – July 9th, 2011.  The Discovery Gallery is located at 10186 – 106 Street, Edmonton Alberta.