News: 1930′s Footage Found!

This is footage that we think was filmed sometime in the 30’s…. a friend passed it along to me. She thought it was likely a forgery, like an image of the Ogopogo, because there are no other records of any encounter with a creature like this. We are sure it is a Morphoid- the skin texture is much too distinctive to be discounted.  We have no idea if this creature still exists, how many of them there are or were, where it lived or what it ate.

There are actually three parts to this footage.  I’ll post the other two segments in the next couple of days.

Found Footage: Section 3

This is the third and longest section of the film footage.

Found Footage: Section Two

This is the second section of the found footage.

We know nothing about this Morphoid, but have been speculating on what we can see in the footage.  We think that the flower-like face of this creature must be some sort of sensory organ – used to smell, or maybe even to breathe.

Diagram: Nudibranchia

We’ve completed a speculative diagram on Nudibranchia, which, as you will remember is a very mysterious creature.  All information in this diagram is based on our best guess.