Meet the Morphoids: Foraminifera

Foraminifera variations revealed!

Here’s the difference between the two: the directional placement of the creatures limbs!  On the specimen on the left, you can see that the  limbs curl to the creature’s right, and in the specimen on the right, the limbs curl towards to creature’s left.  Now, the question is, why is that?

Foraminifera Variations!

We have realized that there are in fact two variations to the Foraminifera species!  Here’s photos of the two…. can you tell the difference?

Any guesses?

Foraminifera Sighting! Eye Witness Account

Foraminifera Sighting Eye Witness from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.

We think Elisabeth Cartwright has seen a Foraminifera! She was not sure what she had seen, but by her description, we think it was a Foraminifera.  Watch the video to learn more.

Foraminifera sleeping…

Foraminifera enjoys sleeping and lazing around in the sunshine.


Foraminifera is a shy creature, and doesn’t like to move much when we are around.

Foraminifera’s Camouflage


We’ve realized that Foraminifera’s unusual colour is not as useless as it seems.  It seems that a blue creature out in nature would stick out like a sore thumb, and so would probably get eaten very quickly.  Foraminifera’s blue colour, however, seems to actually protect the creature.  The blue camouflages the creature against the sky, essentially hiding it from below.

Foraminifera: Natural Habitat


When Foraminifera gets anxious, he likes to climb.  Here he is in his natural environment.