Meet the Morphoids: Cephalopodia


This is Cephalopodia.  It has a similar form to an underwater creature, like a fish, or possibly a squid, but he lives on land.  At least, we think he’s alive, and we found him on land.

Cephalopodia: Locomotion

This footage of Cephalopodia in it’s natural habitat.  It is actually very adept at moving through bushes quite easily.

Another Instance of Cephalopodia’s Camouflage

Here’s another instance of Cephalopodia’s camouflage.  In this one, it’s much easier to see the creature, but you can see that the camouflage is still pretty effective.

Cephalopodia: Locomotion

We’ve realized that Cephalopodia moves in the opposite direction than we expected…..  to move, the creature leads with it’s numberous long… tentacles, and pulls it’s bulbous body along behind.  This photo show the creature moving towards the right.

Cephalopodia’s Effective Camouflage

Cephalopodia has very effective camouflague (in certain situations).  Here are a few photos of the creature in nature.

Cephalopodia: A Jumper!

As a result of one of our cameras from the Social Relationships Experiment, we have discovered a little more about Cephalopodia.

Cephalopodia is a flying creature, or maybe only jumping, as he is able to be airborne for short spurts of time and only seems to go short distances.  That may also be because of the restrictions of the space we have him in.

Image by Sean Dennie.