In Retrospect: Calgary News Nightly News Clip!

We realize this is really far after the fact, but we’ve only recently found it on the internet.

In this clip, Jennifer is talking with news anchor, Robin Roberts, about the giant pods.


Whole Morphoid Eggs discovered!

We’ve discovered this…. “nest” of Morphoid eggs!  These appear to be the same type as the fragments we discovered earlier.

Morphoid Egg Fragments Discovered!

We’ve discovered some egg shell fragments in the forest!  They are about the size of a chicken’s egg, but the colouring is not that of a chicken. (What would a chicken be doing out there, anyway?)  The fragments are a teal colour, with silver spots, which is unlike the eggs of any animal we can think of, so they must be Morphoid.

Those scary, scary Bacteriophages!

Oh. My. God.  Maybe the Bacteriophages suck your blood!  Like really, really, really large mosquitoes.  I did feel rather lightheaded after they attacked me!  Maybe they are carnivorous! They do hunt in packs… but there were only the fourteen we have that attacked me…. so maybe I was really lucky there weren’t more!  Maybe they would have managed to kill me! …And then eat me?  Yikes!

On Closer Inspection…. Bacteriophages have teeth!

After sedating one of the bacterios, I managed to do a more thorough inspection of it’s body.  They have three limbs, and a bulbous head, and on the underside of the head, between their limbs, they have a small orifice, which must be a mouth, because it is surrounded by small, sharp teeth.

Bacterios eat….?

We’ve discovered that, while the bacterios may enjoy the coolness of the stream, they are mostly there to eat the mosquitos and mayflies that live by the stream.

Discovery: Morphoid Bones?


We believe we may have discovered some Morphoid bones!  If you can see them in the photo, you will notice that they are a little hard to see because they blend in among the decaying wood where we found them.  They are unusual objects, surprisingly heavy, and unlike any bones I’ve ever seen before.  I will post more information when I’ve had a chance to study them in more detail.

News: Large Pods Found Growing in Local Trees

An unusual discovery: Large mysterious pods found in trees in Calgary area may be incubators, or strange new type of fruit or seed. Photo: Jennifer Akkermans


Founder and Chief Researcher of the IMR, Jennifer Akkermans, has reported discovering these on a field trip into Fish Creek Park (Calgary, Alberta), Monday afternoon.  They appear to be large pods, hanging from the trees.

Akkermans says, “I’ve actually been watching these for a couple of weeks now.  They have grown substantially; they are now probably four or five times the size they were when I first saw them.  They’ve also changed color, shape and texture- when I first saw them, they were about the size, shape and color of a Bartlett pear.  Though I am not a botanist, I do know that the climate here in Calgary is not ideal for pears, and so they did catch my attention.”

Akkermans had been watching them grow for a couple of weeks before they had started to develop the signature “peeling skin” texture that the Morphoids she studies are famous for.  ”When I saw that they were developing the classic Morphoid skin, I knew they were Morphoids.  These are different than most Morphoids, however, because they do not seem to be animal, unless they are in a hibernation or cocoon state.”  Akkermans will not give out the exact location of these unusual pods, as she does not want them to be disturbed by the public.

Are they indeed cocoons, or hibernating animals, or are they possibly some new kind of Morphoid vegetation?

Time will tell.