Important Information

Question: Have you ever seen any dead Morphoids?

No.  I’ve never come across one.  I have seen bones, though.  Morphoids die in discrete locations and seem to decay very quickly.

Foraminifera Sighting! Eye Witness Account

Foraminifera Sighting Eye Witness from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.

We think Elisabeth Cartwright has seen a Foraminifera! She was not sure what she had seen, but by her description, we think it was a Foraminifera.  Watch the video to learn more.

Whole Morphoid Eggs discovered!

We’ve discovered this…. “nest” of Morphoid eggs!  These appear to be the same type as the fragments we discovered earlier.

Morphopodia: The Film

The Institute of Morphoid Research has finished it’s short documentary!

The film, called Morphopodia: A Strange New World in Our Own Back Yard, follows the Institute and the creatures it studies in an attempt to remove some of the mystery around the Morphoids. At just over 18 minutes, Morphopodia is composed of informational clips on most of the Morphoids, interviews with Founder and Chief Researcher, Jennifer Akkermans, eye witness accounts, specials on supporting evidence such as bones, and an interview with Robin Roberts of Calgary News Nightly.

We will be posting short clips from the film soon. Stay tuned!

Morphoid Egg Fragments Discovered!

We’ve discovered some egg shell fragments in the forest!  They are about the size of a chicken’s egg, but the colouring is not that of a chicken. (What would a chicken be doing out there, anyway?)  The fragments are a teal colour, with silver spots, which is unlike the eggs of any animal we can think of, so they must be Morphoid.

Phylogenetic Tree


Phylogenetic TreeThis is the most complete speculative phylogenetic tree we’ve done to date, showing how we believe that the Morphoids relate to one another. You can see that there are a lot of questions left unanswered, and much more to be learned.  This diagram will definitely change, as our research advances.

Question: Why don’t you know very much about these creatures?

We’ve only been studying the Morphoids since they showed themselves in the fall of 2010.  These things take time, and a lot of research and speculation, especially in the beginning.

Question: How did you start your research?

When I first discovered these creatures, I spent a lot of time observing them in their natural environments, making notes and photographing them.  Many of them are shy creatures, and seemed wary of my being there. Morphoids are also different from a lot of animals in that they seem to move more when you’re not looking.

Discovery: Morphoid Bones?


We believe we may have discovered some Morphoid bones!  If you can see them in the photo, you will notice that they are a little hard to see because they blend in among the decaying wood where we found them.  They are unusual objects, surprisingly heavy, and unlike any bones I’ve ever seen before.  I will post more information when I’ve had a chance to study them in more detail.

The IMR is Producing a Documentary!

I don’t think I’ve told you yet, but the Institute of Morphoid Research is working on a documentary!  It will be shown at a special Sneek Peak, probably in September, details to follow later.

The documentary will be multi-functional.  It will exist in both a longer form to promote the Institute and give more of an overview on the Morphoids and their world, as well as having smaller segments, focusing on specific Morphoids, as a sort of mini- documentary for the IMR to use on it’s website and exhibits on specific Morphoids.

Please bear with us, as this is quite a complicated process, finding and combining the footage we already have, and filming more to flesh out the story and fill in the gaps.