Meet the Morphoids at the Untitled Art Society!

The Institute of Morphoid Research is pleased to announce our current public display at the Untitled Art Society’s window in the EPCOR Centre!

The informational exhibition will run from February 8th – March 31st, 2012.  The public is invited for a closing reception on March 15th, at 7PM.  Hope to see you there!

IMR at the Art Gallery of Calgary!

News: The Pods Are Cracking….!

The pods  I’ve been watching for the last few weeks are starting to crack!  This photo was taken over the last couple of days… you can see where the surface is cracking, and something is starting to hatch!  I have been watching quite closely the last few days, taking two or three trips into the park to check on their progress.  I will keep you all informed if anything else should develop.


Exhibit: The IMR at ACAD’s Grad Show

The Institute of Morphoid Research currently has a display up in the main mall of the Alberta College of Art + Design. The exhibit will be on display until May 28th.

The display is a diorama of the nymph form of Nephropoleon, one of the most newly discovered Morphoids.  A Meet the Morphoids Profile will be online sometime after the exhibit at ACAD is removed.  Please go see the display if you can, to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

The Alberta College of Art + Design is located at 1407 – 14th Ave. NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

News: Large Pods Found Growing in Local Trees

An unusual discovery: Large mysterious pods found in trees in Calgary area may be incubators, or strange new type of fruit or seed. Photo: Jennifer Akkermans


Founder and Chief Researcher of the IMR, Jennifer Akkermans, has reported discovering these on a field trip into Fish Creek Park (Calgary, Alberta), Monday afternoon.  They appear to be large pods, hanging from the trees.

Akkermans says, “I’ve actually been watching these for a couple of weeks now.  They have grown substantially; they are now probably four or five times the size they were when I first saw them.  They’ve also changed color, shape and texture- when I first saw them, they were about the size, shape and color of a Bartlett pear.  Though I am not a botanist, I do know that the climate here in Calgary is not ideal for pears, and so they did catch my attention.”

Akkermans had been watching them grow for a couple of weeks before they had started to develop the signature “peeling skin” texture that the Morphoids she studies are famous for.  ”When I saw that they were developing the classic Morphoid skin, I knew they were Morphoids.  These are different than most Morphoids, however, because they do not seem to be animal, unless they are in a hibernation or cocoon state.”  Akkermans will not give out the exact location of these unusual pods, as she does not want them to be disturbed by the public.

Are they indeed cocoons, or hibernating animals, or are they possibly some new kind of Morphoid vegetation?

Time will tell.

News: Institute of Morphoid Research Launches New Website!

Institute of Morphoid Research

The Institute of Morphoid Research is launching it’s website!

The website will be used as the Institute’s primary method of dissemination for information regarding the Morphoids and the research that is happening around the Morphoids.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

There is not much content now, but in the next few weeks, we aim to get much more content online.