Question: What is a Morphoid?

Morphoids are unusual creatures, classified by the following distinct characteristics:

  • They are ambiguous creatures, often seem to imitate other animals
  • They usually have a very vibrant colouring.
  • They all have an unusual peeling skin texture
  • There are no obvious facial features or genitalia
  • Their main defence mechanism is to freeze when they feel they are being watched.

Question: How can you keep the Morphoids at the Institute and not know what they eat?

The Morphoids appear to be able to go long periods of time without eating, or moving.  We do have a variety of types of food on hand for them, if they should decide that they’re hungry.  For now, we suspect most of the Morphoids are afraid of us, as we are unfamiliar to them.

Question: How do you know if a Morphoid is a male or a female?

Honestly, we don’t.  There is not really any distinguishing anatomy on any of them, as far as we can tell.  We can only speculate, based on the color, and behaviour of the Morphoid.

Question: How long does a Morphoid live?

Honestly, we have no idea.  We haven’t seen a Morphoid die yet.  The first Morphoid (Sepal) was discovered in 2010, so it’s average life span is assumed to be longer than a year.

Question: What do they eat? Where do they live?

Please see the individual category links for more information on each specific type of Morphoid.  The information we have on each specific Morphoid is listed there.

Question: Who are you?

Who, us?

The Institute of Morphoid Research is the world’s foremost institute dedicated to…, well, morphoid research.  We operate our research initiatives and this website out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Who, me?

My name is Jennifer Akkermans, and I am the Founder and Chief Researcher of the Institute of Morphoid Research.  I have been studying the Morphoids since I discovered them in early 2010, and am currently the world’s foremost scholar in this particular area of cryptozoology. If you’d like to learn more about me, check out my personal website at JenniferAkkermans.com or my blog, JenesisStudios.com.

Question: Why haven’t I ever seen a Morphoid?

The Morphoids are very shy creatures, and have extremely effective camouflage.  They seem to move when we aren’t looking.  Most seem to be afraid of humans, and avoid contact with us.

About the Institute of Morphoid Research: Our Mandate


Institute of Morphoid Research

Our official mandate is as follows:

The Institute of Morphoid Research is dedicated to the study and preservation of organisms falling within a new phylum, Morphopodia.

The Institute aims to document all aspects of the Morphoids, through the many available avenues of study and research, including observation, photography, drawing, anatomical study and eventually, dissection.

The Institute of Morphoid Research fully intends to share all relevant findings with the public, through it’s website and publications.